“This poem was composed in reference to the death of George Floyd, who died in a ruthless act of police brutality in Pennsylvania in 2020 which led to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. This poem was not intended to support George Floyd’s murder, but it is an illustration from his experience of how sin’s curse was on us and how it chained and bonded us. But Jesus Christ came to save and redeem us, so that we would be free and be His children.”

My life was full of sin
Enjoying the pleasures of this world
Never realized that sin was choking me
And I was not able to breathe
Because sin’s knee was on my neck

I reasoned for the purpose of life
Never knew what the purpose of my life was
Called out many people who are successful in life
But they never had the answer to my question
I wanted to stop sinning
But sin had dominated me

And sin’s knee was on my neck
I was choked to death
And I was battling for my life
Death was declaring his victory
I cried out saying ‘I CAN’T BREATHE’
And there was nobody to help me out
And sin’s knee was on my neck

Then I see the Saviour open wide his arms
And He calls out my name
Son, I am here for you
And He rescued me from sin
And He claimed the victory
He cleansed me
And He made me his child
And now I Can Breathe.

Oh! the thought that Jesus loves me,
Oh! that love is an awesome love
It is an unconditional love
Do I ever deserve it?
No man showed me this love
No one had the answer to my question
But only one person had and He is Jesus

No matter what,
Your creed, caste, color, nationality,
Does not matter to me,
Because the Love of God compels me to do so,
Therefore God’s love makes me love you too.

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