You are the author of my story
The One who pens my dawn and dusk
You knit me in my mother’s womb
And bestowed all the love and care

You’re my God, in whom I trust
Hence in peace will I rest
Though at times I fail You
Your mercies are daily anew

I yearn to dwell in Thy presence
All day long with diligence
As in You, I find my peace
The only reason that I breathe

Help me follow Thy footsteps
That You have left before us
Let the world see You shine on me
Be it all for Your glory

Strengthen me to finish the race
And receive the crown by Thy grace
There with naked eyes will I see
And embrace my King, who died for me

Longing for the hour to come
When I will hear the trumpet sound
As You’ll take me to the other shore
To be with You, Forevermore

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